I dont exactly remember how we met
The day time or moment
It wasn’t instantaneous or quick
I am not even sure that i noticed you

But the ways we met
Were complicated
And leaves me stranded in my thoughts
I still wish we dont have a common circle of friends
But I still find myself talking with your best friends
And I dont see you with them anymore
They mention your name and my heart sinks to the ground
I still cant belive that it was that easy to let go
And sometimes i feel like i am playing the victim here
When the truth is that i played with you for months on end
But nevertheless it wasnt lie what we had
It was a story to tell.

I hate the way i remember you
And even more i hate that i have to forget you
Its such a shame that we both filled each others void
Without even noticing how fast it went
From conversations about our favorite movies
To you telling me to stay that evening
Now doubt and remorse fills my head
A cauldron full of lies stirs in my chest
Just stay you moved on
And that with your words not your actions
Because the truth is there isn’t much left of my heart to break off.

But i still,
I hate the way i remember you
But even more the fact that i have to forget you.

This work is complete fiction.

this work is dedicated to my best friend Selwa Salam who always inspired me to do what i love and by the way please check out her work too.



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      1. U R MORE HILARIOUS ON SOCIAL MEDIA. And let’s not start a whole conversation about basically nothing in your comment section.

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