January gave me memories
And photographs of time
It was a month of happiness and peace
It was also a month of curiosity
“Whats next?” is what I always asked myself

Feburary taught me to hold on
And to let go
It gave me answers
And questions
A month of confusions
And understandings

March was new beginnings
And fixing things
It gave me hope
“Maybe the year wasnt that bad at all”

April was nostalgic
Journeys and roadtrips
Childhood places and moms dishes
It left me wishing at night
To time travel to 2010

May was a month of preprations
A holy month which changed to my core
It gave me tests and battles
And each prayer left me one step closer to god

June gave me friendships
And unbreakable bonds
It gave me stories and rhythms to write
It gave me a new home bounded by four walls in a classroom

July was too good to be true
Running in the hallways
Painting a new picture
Days filled with sunshine
Nights as peaceful as ever

August gave me warnings in soft whispers
The fire started dying and the clouds hung around
But my optimistic views left me blinded

Places we used to be filled with ghosts of memories we made
And its like the happiness never lasted
It could be just a fairytale
Or a dream of yesterday

I still to wonder what could have happend
If we chose to fix this

Instead of letting our ego control our emotions
How much the world could have changed
If we all talked it out that day

Now september passed by in a flash of a moment
October was a beautiful mess
November went away with my tears
December taught me acceptance

And once again a new chapter started
Left me wondering how fast time went
As January left me reminiscing
And February is healing me

And i hope the rest will make me reborn
To grow back as the girl they always knew
I wish march could take away my mask
And April will help to make me stand on top of this world

I just wish that this year will make reborn as the girl they always knew
And not wither…
Not again.

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