Nowadays you break her more on the inside
Though i know her face dont say the same
Dont get fooled by the smile playing on her lips
She likes to hide behind a petty mask
Cus everything she ever knew was just everything she never thought it would be
I know she still visits the places we used to be
But i cant do anything but watch her just turn to cinders
She tried telling you that everything was not fine
But you only see the lines.
never whats in between them
And that was your biggest mistake
How you thought that she would just be fine
You thought that no matter how much you two messed up
She will still welcome back you into her broken heart

But i guess that this time it was different
She finally start to understand that you are the toxic in her head
A parasite she welcomed in like a guest

But time changes minds
And she locked the door and build walls
Only welcomed the ones that had enough strength to knock down the wall
Never the one who take the easy way in and knocks on the door

Beacuse one wedensday she woke up and realized that she was worth fighting for.

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