There is something about today
I cant quite put my finger on it
Something in the back of my mind whispering to me that everything is going wrong
Something is going wrong in the maze of my mind
Somewhere between the corners
Something has risen
Slowly spreading its way into the roots

The sky a unknown shade
The flowers still blooming as it was yesterday
But they look scared
Scared that something is coming
The universe in me dont feel the same as it did yesterday.
What is this feeling?
Like everything is so colourful yet so dull
Nothing excites me anymore
All melodies sound the same
Its almost as if all my happiness said goodbye
And sadness has made its home

I know i should i fight it
The parasite in my head
But my systems too tired for a battle
And i welcome it with no joy
Let it make a home in me
Maybe i am supposed to be like this

Slowly breaking away
Part by part
Piece by piece
Until i am no more.

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